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Individual Services

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Membership Information

Our individual services are open to everyone, young and old, male and female, married and single.
Our youngest member is eight years old. Our oldest member was born in 1920.
You can join alone or with a friend.

Upon joining, you will be provided with a personal list of pen friends who have been individually matched according to your age group, hobbies and interests.

Membership is for one year and during that time we will also pass your name to 14 other members. This gives you the opportunity to write introductory letters to the people on your pen friend list and to receive surprise introductory letters from other IPF members in your age group.

The membership period does not affect the length of time you can write to your pen friends. Many people join IPF once and write to their pen friends for many years. Other people like to make new friends each year and renew their IPF membership when it expires.

How to join?

Please complete the 'Individual Application Form'. Payment options are shown on the application form.
Click here for the Individual Application Form!

Details of our Individual Services :