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10 year old boy now loves to write

"Hi! I have a 10 year old boy who hates anything school related and it has been a challenge to make him read or write. I signed him up for IPF and when he got his list of penfriends he immediately went to his room and wrote letters - for over 4 hours.
Now, everyday he runs to the mailbox to see if he has letters and he writes a lot more. He also scans magazines for things to clip out for his penfriends. It's kind of neat!"
Sandra K., USA

Huge progress in English and a best friend in Peru

"It is now 8 years since I am a member of your club, and believe me I absolutely do not regret because, thanks to this club I made huge progress in English and also, I discovered 8 years ago, my best friend Cristina who lives in Peru and our uninterrupted friendship lasts for 8 years. She visited us 2 times. So believe me when I say that with IPF everything can happen, even a true friendship in spite of the distance. Thank you"
Stéphanie C.G., France

A friendship for 15 years

"I have a passion for correspondence. I am very happy to be an IPF member because I made many friends who live all over the world. I have a penfriend who live in Australia and we write to each other for 15 years now!!! "
Isa N., Guadeloupe

A way of making real friends

"I was so glad to hear that IPF is not a club only for youth but for people of all ages.
Through IPF I made real friends all over the world - they have become like members of my own family."
Joina A., Brazil

My world became infinitely large

"I first discovered IPF whilst living and working in a ski resort over 2,000 metres up in the Swiss Alps. Once the last trains had made their way down the long rack-railway at night, there was little to do but admire the stunning mountains. With a resident population of approximately 40 people, I soon felt the need to reach out and share my experiences with others outside of my small community.
Through IPF, my world suddenly became infinitely large as friends appeared from almost all continents. I was no longer alone and felt very happy to know there were others out there who shared my ideas, thoughts and dreams. IPF continues to be a great support to me as I continue my travels around the world."
Joseph T., England

20 Pen Pals Worldwide

"I now have over 20 penfriends whose friendship is very special to me and we have so much fun. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have made my life very fulfilling by helping me make new friends."
Donna R. , Australia

IPF has shaped my life

"Several years ago, I was a shy little girl in grade school and didn't feel like I fitted in when fitting in was so important. I discovered IPF through a magazine article, intrigued by the notion of having multicultural friends and finding out about the world beyong my suburban hometown.
I joined and wrote to several people my age. They came from Australia, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia and Croatia. I was never a very good student, but by becoming exposed to these different areas of the world, I began to excel in History, Geography and my writing and reading skills far surpassed my grade level. My pen pals gave me an escape from the harsh world of prejudice and ignorance in which I was raised. These girls saw me not for the colour of my skin, but for the ideas I shared.
Today I still keep in touch with many of my penfriends. I attended the wedding of my friend in Spain. I visited my friend in Brazil during my college years and my Malaysian friend came to visit me for two weeks. My experience as a pen pal has shaped my life. I recently joined the Peace Corp and while I don't know where my career goals lie right now, I do know that they will always encompass my love for different cultures, customs and people."
Jacqueline G., USA

Member for the third time

"I'm a member again - This is the third time in my life! My first membership was in 1986, and I still correspond with a lady from that first lot! I't great to be back!."
Brigit K., Germany

Very good friends

"Hello, I just wanted to let you know: 11 years ago my first penfriendship started by IPF. And I met many, many fine friends by writing letters. Also I found one super friend, from the Czech Republic and we have been friends ever since, still untill now. It's great to make friends this way! I was very happy when my daughter asked me tonight: do you still have the address of that club? I wish her the same luck I had....Greetings.."
Tineke H., The Netherlands

I'm very glad to be a member again

"I'm very glad to be a member again. It has been a long time since I had new penpals, but now I'm curious to know which new friends I will get. And by the way : Congratulation with the site !!!!! ."
Ann J., Belgium

I'm enjoying my membership

"Congrats on the new website. I'm enjoying my membership, and I'm encouraging more people around the world to join IPF!!!!."
Sabrina S., The Seychelles

My father was 92 years old and was writing to 15 penfriends

"I have to say you that my dad was dead in March 2006. He was more than 92 years old and had a very difficuld end of life. He was writing to 15 penfriends all over the world and in France. He had 6 surgeries from September 26, 2019 to February 21, 2019, two of which were amputations (First his five toes, then the leg). At his funerals mass, I wanted it was said that :
"Sometimes from the end of the world,
sometimes from nearer,
they were your penfriends, but also : what friends!
With dedicacy and tenderness, they did'nt stop to write you in order to inspire you with these own energy, hoping to bear a part of your sufferings, without respite they displayed for their support.
They loved you, they considered you, and they admired you.
Your friendship, your philosophy, your wisdom are still lacking them"

I have to say you I wrote to his penfriends from the beginning of his impossibility of writing. I will write to them all over the time they still want to write me, because I am very graceful to them because they didn't leave us and they had wonderful words for my dad who had always all his lucidity:"
Françoise CG., France

Your booklet and contents are very good

" About one week ago I received my list of penpals. Have now read the literature, and started writing intro letters. I can positively say that your booklet and contents are very good, and a positive help. Also your internet communications were very prompt and helpful. And method of payment. For which I say a big Thank you."
William D. F., Mexico

A teacher with happy students who love getting letters

"I am a teacher in Canada. My kids joined back in January, and we have been getting and sending many letters. I must say that this is one of the most exciting projects we have ever done. The kids LOVE getting letters."
Allan S., Canada

My daughter really does enjoy writing to her pen friends

"I would just like to say what a brilliant organisation this is. My other daughter is already a member and has several new pen friends. She really does enjoy writing to them and is constantly waiting for the post to be delivered. In an age where texting and emailing is becoming the norm, it makes such a refreshing change!! "
Sharon L., USA

I'm 70 and I would be lost without my penpals

"Having a clear out yesterday and found the original list of pen pals sent me from IPF.  Wrote to quite a few of the people mentioned, had lots of replies but over the years have lost contact with some due to lack of interests/passed away/ or just stopped writing. However I would like to say that IPF opened a new world for me - in fact I learned more about different countries than I did at school.  I am still in contact with 5 of the original pals but some of the others have passed away either through illness or age (I am now 70 and the others are of similar age)  As I am more or less housebound now I would be lost without my penpals and would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity of making some lovely friends."
Joyce H., Wales, U.K.

I have up to 30 penfriends

"I love IPF. I have up to 30 penfriends and its AWESOME."
Courtney G., USA.

I am very happy to communicate with different countries

"I am member since May 2008 and I am very happy to communicate with different countries by your service."
Iseni M., Belgium

Thank you for all of the friends I now have

"Hi, Martine this is Cody. I am a brand new member of I.P.F. and I would like to thank you for all of the friends I now have!! I live in Canada and don't really have any friends that I haven't met through sports so it was awesome to receive a letter of a whole bunch of new friends from around the world!! I am 11 years old and I love all of the different countries and it's neat that IPF has members in 192 countries!! So thanks again IPF rocks!! "
Cody M., Canada.

We have become life-long friends

"I am desirous of rejoining IPF. I was an avid member back in the late 70's, early 80's and still correspond with there of the friends that I made back then, having flown to England and Australia to meet them and they have come to the US to meet with and stay with for extended visits. We have become life-long friends. "
Erika R., USA

I am loving my membership and all my penfriends!

" Hello IPF! I am loving my membership and all my penfriends! They truly enrich my knowledge. thank you for this opportunity!. "
Clara K., USA