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A comprehensive programme is available for Teachers, School Classes,
Girl Guides, Boy Scouts and all Youth Groups aged 10-17 years.
There are over 70,000 students registered as I.P.F. members in 192 countries.

Through the pen friend hobby, students have the opportunity to learn not only good writing techniques and develop their existing hobbies, but can also gain a deeper understanding of such subjects as: history, geography, travel, languages, literature, art., etc. Above all, they now have an opportunity to know the cultures of foreign lands and as friendships develop between correspondents, then the possibility of exchange holidays can be explored.

Each student receives a list of 4 names and addresses of IPF members in their age group. The name and home address of each student will also be passed to 10 other club members during the year. This provides the best opportunity for each student to gain many pen friends. This service is available for just US$ 5.50 per student (or CAN$ 5.50, or € 4, or UK£3).

Teachers can participate in our adult services. Teachers who enrol school classes with us are entitled to a 50% discount off adult admission rates.

How to Join:

Please complete the 'School Class Application Form' and send it to us with payment.
Click here for the School Class Application Form!

These Services are also available for your students:

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