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School Class Application Form

A list of names and addresses of four international correspondents for each student will be sent to the teacher of school group.
The name and address of each student in the school group will also be passed to 10 other club members during the year.
Please allow approximately 5-6 weeks for the return of the pen friend lists.

How to enroll a school class?

Please use the 'School Class Application Form' in the file format of your choice below.

Please note: To open a PDF File, you need Acrobat Reader. Click here for free download

How to pay the fee?

The Admission Fees are listed on the School Class Application Form and should be paid by: International Money Order or Western Union made payable to: Martine Darroux Picabea.

For a quicker service, you can also pay on the Internet using PayPal. It is a safe and secure way to pay and you don't pay any extra charge.
To pay with Paypal, go to: http://www.paypal.com
Our Paypal Account is:

How to send the Application Form?

You can send your application form by postal mail (Our address is on the form) or by e-mail to
Please be aware that we only process Memberships once we receive the fee.

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